We are Dr Show rooms are proud to announce our new range of phone systems, as a business evolves so do the service requirements of the office.

We have seen a massive trend towards companies moving from having all equipment with different providers to an all in one solution for their office. We ar Dr Show Room can provide the best phone systems available in the industry.

PBX- our vast range of PBX phone systems enable your business to be a leader in the field with hundreds of Australian owned businesses taking advantage of the new NBN rollout moving to a cloud-based system makes more sense.

We have several key partners in the telco industry and are proud to offer both Telstra and Optus as a provider.

Wireless headsets, would your business save a fortune if they moved their network over to wireless headsets? more and more businesses are doing this every day with a completely new tech fit at no extra cost than the organization is currently paying why not?

If you would like an absolutely free no obligation quote please speak to one of our operators today. We service large and small businesses and are looking forward to your call today.

Leasing- if your company would prefer a leasing option this is no problem. Our leases can range from 3-5 years and we guarantee the leases are easy to understand contracts. With a no hassle no fuss attitude we make the switch over to VoIP easy and fun.

We are here to help any love any and all feedback good or bad. Servicing your organization is what we are all about. Enquire now for a free on premises quote and inspection.

PBX Vs VoIP is a hotly debated subject and we would like to put forward the recommendation that both systems are amazing and can benefit every and any organization in many different ways. From humble beginnings, our team has developed the know-how in which to provide your business with a tailored solution that other businesses just can not provide due to know how and ease of use.

Our Hybrid solutions are second to none should your business require a different solution than a standard of the shelf solutions that every carrier can provide.