AV Solution Made Easy With Your Copier & Phone Purchase

Why not ask for a free quote when you are purchasing one of our amazing photocopiers or phone systems. Video Conferencing is now a massive advantage for nearly every business in the world with multiple offices. It is not a stretch to think that this solution can save thousands of dollars for an average business that deals with overseas or multiple locations.

We are seeing more and more businesses save an unbelievable amount of dollars. The savings come into play when you look at the broader picture of not flying managers staff etc. To the main office for a one-day meeting that could easily be conducted over a video conference.

Putting staff up in a hotel or motel, then flying expenses and meals can make a trip extremely costly. Providing a video conference solution will make your staff meeting faster cheap and most of all kill downtime from staff losing their day productivity due to traveling.

If you are already installing one of our AV, phone systems or copiers entitles you to a 20% discount that can see you receive equipment at an extremely affordable rate, all of our equipment is compatible with PC based video conference platforms.

Our Leasing Options

Our leasing options are amazing, long gone is the day in which you need to pay for AV equipment you can literally lease the equipment for a few hundred dollars per month. Some outlay for this type of equipment can be well over 50k-100k. In reality, the technology will be outdated in a matter of years. A lease term will allow you to upgrade whenever there is new technology that you think may benefit your business. We encourage all to at least look at a leasing finance agreement that will allow your business a different approach that includes flexibility.

Ask one of our highly skilled technicians to perform a free on premises evaluation that is honest legitimate and puts your organization in a better financial position.

Let us know if you have any other quotes on the table and we will be more than happy to match their pricing on an apple to apple deal.

All our maintenance agreements are a separate contract and we guarantee a 24-hour service breakdown policy should your devices ever break down.